Una raccolta delle sopracciglia disegnate più uniche, ehm cioè, più disgustose della storia.

These look pretty in the sky, not on your forehead.

2. Unite ma non troppo

I think her goal was to try to get them as close together as she could without touching...

3. Non resisteva e ha dovuto unirle, rossetto in tinta

She just couldn't resist the urge to connect them. I think she used the same color for her "lip enhancement" as well.

4. Geometrie

Stencil work? J/K She's just half-clown (Dad's side).

5. Gattini

Rainbow eyebrow girl is her bestie. They draw images instead of brows to detract from their glasses.

6. Forse questa è in incognito, non c’è altra spiegazione

She's in witness protection...she doesn't have a choice.

7. Già fatto?

Ignore the wobble work; she hasn't had her morning coffee yet.

8. Ovviamente lei è un’artista

Obviously, she's an artist...

9. Delicate

These make her feel more like a lady.

10. Lei è sorpresa permanentemente

She's permanently surprised.

11. Spermatozoi


12. In tema campagna amica

FernGully is her favorite movie.

13. Perfetto abbinamento con la carnagione

If she's black, then those eyebrows must be real.

14. Ama la geometria

What can we do? She just looooooves geometry.

15. Giusto un po’ più alte ed erano perfette

She spent so much time on the brows that she didn't have time for concealer.

16.Ispirata dalla numero 4

She let #4 do her brows.

17. Lancia una nuova moda

HEY! At least she loves it. Right?

18. Più grande è sempre meglio

Bigger isn't always better.

19. Sorride perchè non si è ancora guardata allo specchio

She's only smiling because, her friends played a trick on her when she was sleeping last night and, she hasn't looked in the mirror yet.

20. Linee rette a mensola

She's a straight shooter.
fonte: buzzfeed.com